Fort Nox

Hip-Hop group based in Ft. Worth, Tx

Fort Nox is an authentic hip-hop group from Fort Worth, Tx. The group began as a large crew of different emcee's and a DJ/Producer (DJ Ernie G.) in early 1990's. There were several emcees and groups which formed the super-group then known as Fort Knox. The group would have different members meet at producer/DJ Ernie G's home in Fort Worth to record and have freestyle sessions regularly. Some of the artists had previous backgrounds in music before coming in to Fort Knox. The super-group would separate years later when several members went separate directions pursuing other things. Before Fort Knox existed, two of the current members (Complete aka Cedric Ruffin and Solid aka Marcus Davis jr.) met in high school and were apart of a rap group known as "Dial 3". After high school graduation, Dial 3 broke up as everyone went in different directions. Shortly after the breakup of Dial 3, Solid formed a group with high school friend Dez 2-2 (Desmond Anderson sr.) which was called "Zero X". This group went on to record and do many local shows opening for major hip-hop acts. This duo recorded mostly with DJ Ernie G and is also primarily responsible for forming the super-group Fort Knox. This later resulted in other friends and artists coming along to work with Ernie G. Complete came back into the scene with the help of long time friend T-Rob aka Terrence Robinson reuniting with Solid and then began recording and freestyling with Fort Knox. Complete was eventually asked to join the group "Zero X" at a time when Fort Knox was just thriving and starting to gain recognition. At this point, Fort Knox consisting mostly of Complete, Dez 2-2, Solid and Quiz (Quincy Elliott) performed countless shows, freestyle sessions and battles throughout the metroplex and beyond. The four of these guys became a nucleus for the group as other members had left. After a period of time, Quiz would go in a separate direction leaving three remaining artists which still continue the legacy and record and perform today now known as Fort Nox. After many years of doing shows, recording and freestyle battles, the trio (Complete, Dez 2-2 and Solid) finally released an independent album titled "Next Sound" in 2008. The album was released online as well as thousands of physical copies. The next release followed in 2012 with album "Last Of The Originals (L.O.T.O.)". The sophomore album also released online as well as with physical copies independently. In January of 2014 we released an EP titled "The EP: Riders of the Storm". Video's were produced for our albums by Roy Richards w/Luxe Film Works (Next Sound, L.O.T.O. and Soul Searching) and Marcellus Suber of Timewarped Studios (L.O.T.O. and The EP). Our latest album "Soul Searching" released on the day known as the birth date for hip-hop on August 11th. August 11th, 2016 we released our 4th project which is what we consider to be our best work yet. This most recent album came together perfectly with production from longtime producer/DJ Ernie G. along with production by AmAZin (Brandon Davis) and Shag (Ben Garside) to bring that quality production to the album. The features also took it to another level with Verbal Seed, Mokah Soulfly, Original Soul, Kyeyote and Robin Rhymes all blessing us with features.  Along with our other projects this album is available on itunes, google play, rhapsody, tidal, spotify and youtube music and many other digital outlets and also hard copies are available We use the word "authentic" meaning that our music is truly rooted in hip-hop and is made with outstanding production and creative/substance based lyrics. We are not a typical rap group, we are a hip-hop group. Our solid foundation is as a group but we are currently in process of releasing solo albums. Complete released his solo album "My Three Cents" on January 30, 2018 all over digitally with cd's available. Videos were released for songs “Good Life” and “Mama” for Complete’s My Three Cents album both directed by Marcellus Suber. The second member to release a project is Dez 2-2. His project “The Voice of Dezmond Anderson” released on labor day, Sept 2nd, 2019. Currently available on spotify and very soon in other digital platforms (google play, apple music/itunes, tidal and more). Check out the album by Dez 2-2 and feel free to add it to your Fort Nox collection. Thought provoking and impressive rhymes along with great music/production is always the focus with us. Next up is our very own Solid. Stay tuned and Welcome to Fort Nox!